Tucson Granite


My father passed recently, and it was a tough time dealing with it plus all the funeral arrangements. I wanted to give my dad a proper burial and the granite headstone TucsonGranite designed was amazing. My pops would have loved it.
Dan // Green Valley, AZ

Our bathroom looks sooooo beautiful because of their help. They are so good at their job and so talented! It's even better than I thought it would be. So easy to work with and they made great suggestions. You guys rock!
Brenda // Eloy, AZ

I love to cook! And while my kitchen already looked pretty nice, I wanted to be able to cook in an amazing kitchen, so we decided to redo it all. You guys help me make a kitchen that was beyond by imagination. They came out and took measurements and came up with some ideas that worked within my budget and with all the other goodies I was installing into my new kitchen. Thank you for all your help. Maybe I'll cook something for you guys sometimes soon and bring it by!
Kim // Coolidge, AZ

My wife has been bugging me forever to redo the bathroom, and with some help from you guys, I was able to make her dreams come true. The granite shower and tub, coupled with the countertop look so beautiful and were very professionally done. They were really easy to work with and gave me some options that I didn't even think of that made everything s bunch better without breaking our budget. Thank you!
Jimmy // Oro Valey, AZ

So we called them up and they were super nice and helpful because we didn't know exactly what we wanted, but they pointed us down the right path. We met up with them and they we very knowledgeable and felt really comfortable with the decisions we made on our countertops for the kitchen. Thanks for being so helpful.
Alice // Tucson, AZ

We just bought a house and the kitchen and bathroom already had some granite countertops and other furnishings, but we were not sure if we liked the look of it all. You guys helped up us see what we could do with the already installed granite and what we could do to improve it. We ended up keeping some and redoing other parts. Thanks for your honest and professional service and recommendations.
Louis // Florence, AZ

The granite in my new bathroom is amazing! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!
Mike // Tucson, AZ

My goodness! My new bathroom with the granite shower looks awesome!
Amber // Nogales, AZ