Tucson Granite

Frequently Asked Questions

What's granite?
Granite is a widespread occurring type of igneous rock that is coarse and crystallizes in consistency. The rock consists primarily of quartz, mica, and feldspar. Sporadically some certain crystals are bigger than the groundmass. At one instance during its progress, it was dissolved like lava. Unlike lava, this melted stone never actually reached the surface and stays trapped within the Earth, where it cools and crystallizes. After it crystallizes, it looks like speckled stone that comes out in a wide array of colors. Granite is usually originates in the continental plates within the Earth. Granite is enormous, solid and rough, and so its used as a construction stone.

Where does your granite supply come from?
It comes from all points of the United States, and even places in Africa and Europe.

What styles of edges do you do?
We have highly skilled and innovative designers, so we can work with our default styles or we can work with you on some custom designs. Please contact us to talk more about what we can do to make your product exactly what you want.

What do I use to clean granite?
Upon request, we can give you suggestions and instructions in person or via manual on how to care for your granite products. Do not use your every day cleaning products on it. It needs its own type of care.

What are your prices for your services?
Contact us to get a quote on what exactly you need. We will run you through a series of questions about your purpose and your design ideas so you get what you want at the right price. We will continue to keep in touch with you during the whole process and let you make all the final decisions.

After all the initial decisions are made, what’s next?
We will schedule another interview to get all the specific data from you and measurements. The total process should take 1-2 weeks.

Why use granite?
It’s a very hard rock that was molded at very high temps within the Earth’s crust. It will not be affected by your normal everyday use in the kitchen or bathroom, or the weather outside.

Can you break granite?
Like anything, if it’s impacted hard enough, it can break the surface of granite. It can chip or crack. Granite is not affected by normal every day uses in the kitchen or bathroom, or outside weather.

I’ve seen granite samples with little pits in it. Will that be on my granite job?
Granite always has tiny pits in it but you don’t really see them in the end because of the polished surface.