Tucson Granite

Selection of Granites

Below is a listing and brief description of the granites that are available. If you have something else in mind, please inquire because we do have access to more stones.

American Jet

American Jet is quarried in South Dakota and sometimes also known as Black Marble.

Autumn Rose

Autumn Rose is quarried from the finest stones in Montana, and sometimes known as potpourri.

Blue Ridge

Blue Silver is quarried in Alabama. With its beautiful color, it's a popular pick of many for our customers.


This chic stone is quarried from Kentucky and its great for headstones and other monumetal pieces.

Dakota Red

Dakota Red is quarried from Pennsylvania and one of our finest selections.

Eagle Gray

Eagle Gray is quarried from Vermont and great for monumental pieces.

Eagle Blue

Eagle Blue is also great for monumental pieces. Its quarried in Vermont also.

Eagle Red

Eagle Red is quarried in Connecticut and it great for countertops.


Jet is sleek piece of stone from Africa that is great for countertops and monumental pieces.


Quarried in Georgia, Pink is one of our favorite stones for bathrooms and kitchens.


Rose is a beautiful granite from Tennessee that is sometimes called Flower.


Salisbury is chic stone good for bathrooms. One of our most popular choices.